Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Specialty: Japanese food
Location: 2nd Flr. 103 Tecoma bldg. 5th ave. corner 32nd street, Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig
Phone Number:
8563872, 8563873
Price Range: php 150-380 (non inclusive of 12% vat).
Service Charge: 10%
Rating: ★★★

A little known place beside the Fort strip yields a few gems like zhu and this Japanese Restaurant called Oishiitei. Serving fine Japanese dishes in a distinctly modern japanese atmosphere.

The Menu
This place has got the works when it comes to Japanese cuisine. They got the donburi (rice meals), curry, ramen, soba, udon, seafood, sushi, sashimi, a whole slew of ala carte dishes and of course, dessert. This might be just the place when you are craving for that uniquely Japanese dish that you can't seem to find somewhere else. The menu list is a bit pricey although they do have that lunch menu where you get a trayfull of food. It's still quite expensive for me.

Katsudon Meal
Price: php 230
Rating: ★★★

This is one of the dishes on the lunch menu set meals. Tender breaded pork cutlets cooked with egg placed on top of steamed rice. Served with Miso soup and garnishing veggies (I have no idea when to start eating this). I've got to say that their katsudon is comparable to those actually served in Japan but nothing really spectacular. I miss Japanese sticky rice. I have yet to see a local Japanese restaurant serving sticky rice with their donburi. Our local rice just doesn't stick to chopsticks that much. Otherwise, this would have been excellent.

Tendon & Kitsune Meal

Price: php 230
Rating: ★★★

Crispy tempura on steamed rice. This one was also served with a veggie garnishing, 2 slices of sweetened fish and surprisingly enough, it comes with udon. The tendon was already served with sauce. It was crispy, tender and mildy salty although it was a bit harder to eat with chopsticks.

Salmon Cheese Roll
Price: php 230
Rating: ★★★

Imported salmon and cheese (probably not imported) rolled in sushi rice with an enormous salad leaf. I really don't know how to eat that salad leaf properly.

Their choice range is excellent and their prices a little on the steep end. The place could potentially hold a lot of people and the seats are comfy. This place is great if you plan on dining on that obscure japanese dish that you adore but can't seem to find anywhere else. Be prepared to pay for it though. Prices are not inclusive of 12% VAT and they have a 10% service charge.


Tanix Dominatrix said...

Mr food blogger ser,

You might want to try these japanese food places, and hope you write and like them :)

Me and Mi amor's top recommendations, for taste and best value

Kimono Ken (one of the best kariraisu restaurants)


On the pricey range, but worth checking out:

Sakae Sushi -- near net one, fort (they also have a branch in mall of asia)

UCC Coffee ^^

m9dhatter said...

Here is my review for UCC. Enjoy. :)