Thursday, October 4, 2007

Davao: Food Trip Part 3: Ahfat Seafoods Plaza

This is the last part of a running series on Davao. Here is part one and two.

Ahfat Seafoods Plaza

Specialty: Chinese Seafood
Price Range: php 150 - 250
Location: Davao
Rating: ★★★★

Ahfat Seafoods Plaza is a no-nonsense place that focuses on nothing but the food. The place is not posh but it's clean with deep hues of green for the walls. It has a decidedly Chinese atmosphere to it with several red dragons and red Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. It's Chinese food with Filipino influence.

The Menu

The chef's recommendations were:
  • Minced Pork with Lettuce (San Soy Bao)
  • Prawns with Lobster Sauce
  • Spare Ribs with Taro (Gabi)
  • Taiwan Pechay with Garlic & Salted Fish
  • Pompano with Alexander Sauce
  • Big Scallop Cook(ed) in Two Ways: Sauteed & Fried

Despite the recommendations, we didn't pick any of them. I decided to let my voracious companions choose lest I be castigated for my apparent lack of decision making skills. We were also sporting two guests this time (our unofficial tour guide and her SO). I managed to whip out my camera earlier but nonetheless, much to their dislike, I am still taking too much time and decided to attack some of the food while I was taking photos. I apologize for the hurried and blurred, darkened look. Besides, we have hungry guests to feed and these were the same people who treated us to Taklobo during the first night in Davao.

Hot and Sour Soup

I was terribly misled when I read this menu entry. I was thinking "hot" as in "not cold" and not "hot" as in "spicy". It was my first time having this kind of soup and it was a nice treat. It was a little too spicy for my taste and I really don't like too much spice in my food but my companions really seemed to have enjoyed it. Anyway, if it's too spicy, take a tip from my Chinese friends: add a bit of black vinegar. It dulls the spice.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Of all the rice platters I have ever seen, this one takes the prize for presentation. You won't see a single grain of rice at the time of serving. The rice is enveloped in blanket of thinly fried scrambled eggs.

Shrimp Gambas

The serving is huge and the scent is mouth watering. When we entered the place, it was already full of this dish's aroma. After inquiring what it was, it was decided that we must have this dish at our table. Crunchy, spicy and plenty to go around.

Spicy Spare Ribs
Cholesterol goodness galore. Served just the way I like it: crispy and not too oily. I like my cholesterol to come from the meat. Not the oil. I recommend people with hypertension problems to stay away from this dish and also the Shrimp Gambas. I also recommend getting a veggie dish to go with this one. Since the taste gets monotonous after a while.

Seafood Roll

A veritable concoction of seafood bits stuffed inside a breaded flour shell. Tastes good with or without a sauce. As with the dish above, I recommend getting veggies to compliment this dish.

Food, more specifically seafood, is at the core of this place. The setting, ambiance and furniture are mere afterthoughts. I wouldn't recommend this for a romantic date. I most certainly advise against marriage proposals at this place although family gatherings would do fine here . Nonetheless, it's still a recommended place if you visit Davao. Ahfat serves excellent Davao cuisine at bargain price.

I would like to thank our unofficial tour guides, the beautiful Ms. Elvira Uy and her beau, during this amazing trip to Davao. Thank you for showing us where to eat good food. :D

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