Friday, August 17, 2007

Cafe Bola

Cafe Bola

Cuisine: filipino food
Location: 2/f Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati
Tel #: 757-BOLA
Service charge: 10%
Opening times: 11am - 10pm
Menu Price range (meals): php 100 - 235

This place is definitely one of my favorites. I don't think I've eaten anything there that I didn't like. Warm, quiet, cozy atmosphere with an in-your-face filipino taste. The architecture is very contemporary and somewhat edgy but it's accentuated with black and white still photos of old filipino films, all of which i haven't heard of before nor plan to hear about anytime soon. The place is cozy enough for two. They even have candle lit tables outside. It's definitely more comfy inside and could seat a small group of people. It's not best to be boisterous in this place as I can imagine that would tend to echo.

The Menu
Filipino dishes and pasta are the dominant items on this cafe's menu. There are few dessert items as well. Today I will be sampling thier lemon grass tea (both hot and cold) as well as their specials Adobo Flakes + Kesong Puti and Sirloin Tapa + Egg.

Lemon Grass Tea (Hot)
Price: php 44
Smells really really nice. The steam seems to carry the lemon grass scent straight to your olfactory nerves and give you a taste sampler before you even put the cup to your lips. The taste is exquisite. The only caveat is that you only have one cup. That's it. Unlike most hot tea from other places, you don't get a pot. You get a measly cup. An amazing tea cup nonetheless.

Lemon Grass Tea (Cold)
Price: php 50
Unlike the hot lemon grass tea, the scent is muted on this cold refresher. The taste is almost the same, albeit cold. Personally, I think I like the Bola Iced Tea better

Adobo Flakes + Kesong Puti
Price: 154 and worth every peso
My mouth is watering as I imagine every spoonful (it's not a pretty sight). Rice topped with adobo flakes and a chunk of white cheese which is most probably made from goat's milk. The smell is absolutely delightful. The flakes are light, crispy and flavorful. The cheese balances out the flavor. The rice is nice and steamy. Perfect.

Sirloin Tapa on Rice + Egg
Price: 176 and worth every peso
Rice topped with thin slices of juicy mouth-watering beef topped with a sunny-side up egg done filipino style. Although the egg was quite oily, the dish more than makes up for itself because of the flavor of the beef. Delicious. Besides, fried eggs are supposed to be a bit oily. If I had more space in my stomach, I'd order another one. Another perfect score for Bola.

All in all, I would keep coming back to this place because it's one of my most favorite places to eat. Ever. I just wish they had more comfy seats.

Oh yeah, me and my girl celebrated our one year anniversary here. So hooray for us! :D. I am also introducing a new author here going by the name of wastefulspace. She will be Eat My Choice's ambassador in Cebu. Yep. 5 Posts and we are already expanding!

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