Monday, August 20, 2007

Mey Lin

Mey Lin

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Ground Floor, Sunset Avenue (North Wing), Mall Of Asia; Adriatico; Boracay Regency; Megamall
Service Charge: None
Opening Times: 10am - 9pm (Mall Hours)
Menu Price Range:
            • Noodles: php 70 - 150
            • Meat/Seafood: php 160 - 300

Hand-pulled noodles. This is what this place boasts about. They even have a chef dedicated to making their noodles. Like most Chinese Restaurants, this place caters to more of a group of diners than two people on a date. That said, they made no fuss about giving us the seat that we wanted. Nice. Plus points for excellent service.

The Menu
Their hand-pulled noodles are on a page before everything else. This is what they are particularly proud of. Other categories are the Meat and Seafood category. Didn't try any of those. We are here for their claimed authenticity and damn, I'm going to try it.

Iced Tea
Off to a bad start. Instant iced tea variety.

House Tea
Price: Free
Not your regular house tea. The tea bag is cloth woven and bigger than the usual paper tea bags. The pot could use more water (and thereby needs to be a bit bigger or the bag needs to be smaller) since the tea has a rather strong taste.

Fried Dumplings:
Steamed dumplings that were then fried. Excellent consistency and texture. Eight pieces are more than enough to exite your appetite. Great Appetizer all in all.

Ansio Beef Noodle Soup
Price: php 90 (snack) 150 (meal)
Noodles were definitely out of the ordinary. But, as expected, I haven't tasted hand pulled noodles before so I couldn't make any comparison. But as far as noodles are concerned, this one is definitely better than any i've known.
The snack size was definitely small for me since the noodles were scarce. Either the noodles are too expensive or they just don't have enough to go around since there was only one person doing the pulling. I didn't pick the meal size since the bowl was *huge*. There were only 2 cubes of beef on this dish but they were really soft and flavorful, so no complaints there.

Seafood Noodle Soup
Price: php 100 (snack) 140 (meal)
Seafood-y goodness. Clean, clear broth with a crab stick, fish fillet, squid, fish tofu and seaweeds. That's a lot of ingredients right there. very economical.

The place could hold around 40 people comfortably. Maybe more. It's more suited to group dining than date dining. You will occasionally get to watch the noodles being pulled (pulling is not the only activity in noodle making). It's a great place to spend the time while waiting for the rains to subside. Hot noodles while waiting out the rain is priceless.


Anonymous said...

No complaints with the taste of the food. But when my hubby and I ate here yesterday,March 16 - Sunday.. I saw a long strand of hair.. It was from an Ansio Beef Noodle soup. I called the attention of the waiter, expecting that they would do something about it.. unfortunately, they didn't. Not even an apology.

Anonymous said...

try the adobo rice, its my fave thing to order there, as close as one can get to Taiwan's version of adobo rice

Anonymous said...

It's me again :)We just ate here yesterday - SM MOA branch because I wanted to give it another try less the hair strand.. BUT ALAS! My daughter saw a small "ipis" near the door of the kitchen.. it was crawling on the wall. I called the supervisor's attention and NO apology given. I would NEVER dine here again, EVER :(