Friday, November 9, 2007

Heaven 'n Eggs

Heaven 'n Eggs

Specialty: eggs in Filipino, American cooking and a few Japanese dishes.
: Market Market, The Fort; Glorietta Makati.
Service Charge:
Price Range: php 110 - 308

Rating: ★★★

Heaven 'n Eggs is a specialty restaurant that focuses on all things eggs, pancakes and steaks. There really isn't a focus on any particular cuisine as long as it has any of those three. There is a huge section dedicated to breakfast food and other dedicated to steaks. For those looking for a little bit of the Asian taste, they have an Asian Big Plate section. From the Manila spareribs (best seller) to mixed seafood tempura platter (squid, fish, shrimp in tempura batter), there is a little something for everyone. For those looking for the low calorie diet, you may have to settle for their sandwiches, French toast and wraps section.

Price: Free
Rating: ★★

Right off the bat, they provided us with complimentary pancakes even before we ordered. Good way to impress me. Add more food without adding price. OK, the pancakes weren't anything special. But it's definitely added value and you will be spoiled for choice among their syrups.

The Chips and The Fish
Price: php 252
Rating: ★★★★

Soft boneless fish that melts in your mouth, served with tartar, cocktail and lemon butter sauces. Well, at least it was supposed to come with several sauces. Ours just came with tartar sauce. We forgot to ask what happened with the other sauces. It's served with a large helping of fried potatoes and some leafy vegetables. The set was served in a cute picnic basket that makes it all the more adorable. How about the taste then? Exquisite and definitely filling (the fries are partly to blame).

Grilled Pepper Pork Chop
Price: php 218
Rating: ★★★★

Peppered pork chops steak with brandied gravy and garlic rice. Most of the steaks are served with your choice of potato siding (fried potato wedges, house rosemary and garlic potatoes sauteé or rustic mashed potatoes), choice of eggs (sunny side up - over easy, sunny side up - over hard, scrambled, poached, crunchy egg), bowl of rice, sourdough bread slice or pancake sidings. They recommended the mashed potatoes and crunchy eggs (2 of them). Everything about this dish is huge. The steak, the bowl of rice, the mashed potatoes and the 2 eggs. I could barely finish the thing. Actually, I didn't get to finish the potatoes. It comes served with a steak knife stabbed through the pork chop.

This is quite a place. If I had more space in my stomach, I'd probably order some appetizers before the meal or some dessert pancakes after. But as said above, the servings are huge and it's takes quite a bit of patience to finish a single meal. I recommend this place for anytime of the day. The menu is not big on dinners but then again, steaks could very well be served for dinners. They also happen to feature 8 all day breakfast dishes.


Arnold said...

Hmm little pricey... are the prices you posted without SC pa?

m9dhatter said...

I re-checked the receipt and found out that the service charge was actually just 8%. I already corrected the post. You are correct though. The prices indicated are WITHOUT service charge yet. It's well worth it if you can finish the whole meal.