Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tandoor King

Tandoor King

Specialty: Indian Food
Location: Mall of Asia
Service Charge: None
Price Range: php 115 - ~200
Rating: ★★★

Tandoor King is a restaurant that specialized in Tandoor cooked food. There are possibly other branches for this one. Place them in the comment section so I can update this if necessary. The particular branch in the Mall of Asia is called Tandooria sa MoA.

Chicken Barbecue with Iced Tea
Price: php 115

Rating: ★★★

Huge, soft and juicy grilled chicken served with pickled papayas and sauce. The yellow rice isn't that flavorful. Seemed like normal rice to me. This one could have been good but because of the size of the chicken, the insides are quite undercooked. Looks like they need more time to grill it. Maybe a little pre-cooking would do them good.

Grilled Liempo with Iced Tea

Price: php 125 + additional 35 for bottomless iced tea

Rating: ★★★

Classic grilled liempo served with pickled papaya and sauce. As with the chicken barbecue, the rice serving was huge but not really spectacular. It's a lot though so that's something good about this. Otherwise, nothing really special about the dish.

Price: php 95

Rating: ★★★

Again, a classic Filipino dessert. Crushed ice, with colorful gulaman, rice crispies, a few fruits, leche flan and ice cream. Nothing special and downright ordinary. I could get this at a stand in the corner of some subdivision.

Everything about this place is ordinary. Nothing really special nor bold nor unique. Every bit ordinary. The service is great though. Great people with friendly smiles and excellent speed of service. It certainly beats Savory Chicken in that aspect. Definitely affordable. I suggest this place for lunch gatherings of small groups of 4 to 5 people with meager budgets. Not really worthwhile to dine here for special dinners. Birthdays for small children would do nicely here though. Maybe I should try their more exotic tikka dishes next time.

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Anonymous said...

is this place still open? love their garlic naan bread