Sunday, November 25, 2007

Milkyway: It's all about the Halo-halo.


Location :Upper Ground Floor, Poweplant Mall, Makati
Tel # :

Cuisine : Filipino
Menu Price Range : Php 85-200
Service Charge: none
Rating : ★
This is my first live post on eatsmychoice, I have now new companions in my food frolics. I have been procrastinating into buying a pen and a steno pad specifically for eatsmychoice entries. So I can report live from the actual site.

Lined along the food avenue of Powerplant's upper ground floor is MilkyWay. It's the usual Sunday family tradition to eat at here after a long (or not-quite-so) afternoon of window/actual shopping. They offer a wide array of Filipino delicacies ranging from snack items to main course. But for today, I'll only be featuring their bestseller on the menu. The halo-halo.

Below is a description of the dessert as a benefit to our international readers (if we have some).
The halo halo is a filipino delicacy. If the Americans have their hot fudge sundae, The chinese have the shaved ice and fruits with mix beans, here we have the halo-halo. From the Filipino word halo which means mix. So halo-halo means mix-mix. Which is what you do to it anyway.

The usual halo-halo can have “fillings” namely but not limited to nor does it contain all of the following: Kaong(sweet sugar palm), preserved coconut strips drenched in syrup, langka(jackfruit), leche flan (similar to egg custard), sweet banana, unflavored or sweetened gulaman, random beans, and ube hilaya.

After all the sweet stuff is patted at the bottom of the tall glass, a nice snowfall of shaved ice is filled to the brim, poured over condensed milk or regular milk and sugar syrup, and if you’re lucky, a scoop or two of ice cream (preferably ube) tops the whole thing with a flourish. (if not, regular ube hilaya or leche flan is on top).

So what makes this halo-halo different from any other halo-halo? Let's just say, I was never a halo-halo fan. n fact, it took me a good number of visits to actually try it, due to my mom and dad's insistent ravings on how good it was. And they never, ever, rave.

Price : Php 85
Rating : ★★★★

Their halo-halo had the following foodstuffs: a slice of sweetened banana, coconut strips, beans, leche flan, unsweetened gelatin, and ube hilaya. I liked how they didn't have too much stuff on their halo-halo, how the ice cream was always ube, and how the milk is creamy, but not condensed to be too sweet . Lots of pluses towards my sweet tooth being next to non-existent and my delicate teeth.

I took the long spoon to mix it and surprisingly the ice cream sticked to the shaved ice, which has the consistency and texture of snow. No splatters occurred from the usual pounding of ice cream and glass shards ice, and everything was incorporated in a matter of seconds. I sampled the purple concoction, and the sweetness from the ice cream, hilaya or leche flan was just right and each bite was a surprise of either of the following toppings mention above, or sometimes two if your lucky. The soft powdery ice brings a nice texture to all the flavors.

This one absolutely wins my choice for the best halo-halo in the Metro.
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oblivious said...

I've tasted the halo-halo, and it's truly yummy. But i stopped eating there 2 years ago, and I will never eat there EVER because of my experience:

I used to order the home-cooked meals (they're really good) plus the halo halo. But the last time I went there, while I was biding my time choosing between the squid and the kaldereta, I saw baby roaches INSIDE the glass encasing (or the display panel) where the meals are placed. I pointed it out to the waitress, and she just dismissed my claim, and said that she didn't see anything when it was right there in front of her eyes.

Very bad.

When my friends (who didn't know my Milky Way experience) returned there a few months later, they told me that I shouldn't eat there (since they know I frequent Power Plant) because they saw baby roaches in the display panels. Eeewwww.. They have serious pest problems, and they better address it soon.

m9dhatter said...

Wow. I will have to ask wastefulspace to check up on that place again. Thanks for the head's up.

donna marie said...

wow, I never saw that... I should check it again when I go there...